Bamboo Realty Hawaii

About our name…

We LOVE bamboo for many reasons; the sound of the wind in the leaves, the sustainability, and we’re building a home out of it! Check out Bamboo Living for more info. If you ever get the chance, put your ear against a stalk and listen to the tops of the stalks knocking together. Such a cool sensory experience!!

Not only is bamboo beautiful, but it’s an eco-friendly choice for addressing current environmental concerns and sustainability in various industries. Bamboo can be used in everything from toothpicks to building construction!

Because bamboo has rapid growth, amazing strength, and versatility, it is an ideal choice to replace wood. Some of the environmental advantages of using bamboo include both high ability to sequester carbon dioxide and low environmental impact when compared to traditional wood forests. We believe the use of bamboo should be a part of every green lifestyle!

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Our Hawaii story (the short version)

First day on our land, huge excited smiles from Seth and Lee with their two dogs and cat
First day on our land with our
two dogs and cat.

In 2014 we visited Maui for the first time. As with most people, we instantly fell in love with Hawaii. Over the next few years we visited each of the islands. Then in 2019 we decided we weren’t getting any younger and purchased three acres on the island of Hawai’i (also known as Big Island). We chose the windward side because it’s more lush, green, and tropical due to the higher rainfall. When we walked around the land before making an offer, we both had an overwhelming feeling that it was the right place. To this day it still feels magical.

We spend most of our free time tending to our land. We both have green thumbs and just love all plants (ornamental and food). We get comments at the office on how fragrant our fresh kale salads are, and bananas from your own garden are simply incredible. As for ornamentals, we can never have enough plants. We have a couple large areas that we affectionally call “plant patios”. It’s where everything goes that still needs a home. We maintain over half mile of trails on our land, which is an immense amount of work, but the feeling of walking through your own tropical haven makes it all worth it.

When we’re not weeding everything by hand, we’re enjoying breakfast on our lanai, playing cards with friends, on a hike, or at the beach…a must when you live in paradise! Scroll to the top to learn about our name, or Check out our bio here.